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I am Maria Camila, the creator or Lulo School.


From as long as I remember, I've always loved learning languages, the first language I learned was English at school which has allowed me to live in California and travel the world. In high school I decided to take French lessons and I loved it so much that in 2017 I moved to Paris for 3 years.


I also speak Italian and have studied other languages.

Maria, Spanish tutor with her dog

I know what it is to learn a language starting from the basics, or not wanting to lose your progress once you achieve a certain level, that's why I set up a team of tutors that are passionate about teaching Spanish and sharing our Colombian culture with our students.

Our lessons will be tailored to your own needs and level, and together, we will identify the best approach to learning Spanish that will suit you. Plus, when you take lessons with us, you will be able to practice speaking with multiple teachers with different styles to get you talking from the beginning, and you will also be able to join our biweekly talks about Colombian culture.


Another service:

If you are interested in visiting Colombia, we also offer our “design your trip” experience and we will be able to help you plan your visit to Cartagena, Bogotá, Medellín and/or Eje cafetero (coffee region), completely hassle free.

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